This may be hard to believe, but our bodies are chemically designed to interact with cannabis. In this article I will explain what I mean by this statement and where you can find the best CBD oil for anxiety!

Each of us have what is called an endocannabinoid system – this is one of the main systems in our body that is responsible for homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body’s ability to self regulate and maintain a stable internal environment so that we more effectively process energy and ultimately survive. Examples of processes that this system influences in order to enhance equilibrium is our body temperature, mood, memory and sleep. So when we are off balance, the endocannabinoid system will automatically trigger to self regulate and try to kick us back into gear.

Our endocannabinoid system is composed of cannabinoids, the receptors it interacts with and enzymes. Now this is the interesting part, we all actually have active cannabinoids within us (regardless of any cannabis being present) these are called endocannabinoids (endo meaning internal). Cannabis plants also contain hundreds of active cannabinoids – called phytocannabinoids – the two most well known or widely recognised being THC and CBD.

When we add these phytocannabinoids into our bodies we can enhance certain aspects of our system that might need a bit of an extra hand in restoring each of us to balance. For example, CBD is believed to enhance our receptors ability to bind to cannabinoids (both endo and phyto) and thereby better deliver their associated benefits such as with reducing or alleviating anxiety, stress, pain or depression.

In the UK, the main cannabinoid we hear about is CBD. This is because THC – the psychoactive compound that is responsible for making us feel high – is illegal in any quantity more than 0.3%. CBD on the other hand does not make you high, but is believed to deliver a number of therapeutic benefits. For example, recently, I have been reading a lot about cbd for anxiety in the UK and how this has proved to be a miracle solution for many people during these troubling times.

You can take CBD a number of ways, but the healthiest, most natural option which I prefer is to take it in an oil. If you go this route you take it as you would many other supplements and drop the oil under your tongue. You then hold it there for around a minute (to allow for some of the CBD to be absorbed into the artery under your tongue) then swallow. As said, you won’t necessarily “feel” anything and it won’t “hit” you, but you may notice that a pain goes or you are a lot calmer. For me the CBD helps with my anxiety.

Whilst everyone says CBD oil is the best for anxiety, what effect it has on you will be dependent on your own physiology as the CBD enhances what your body already does. By this I mean that whilst I might think it’s best taking CBD oil for anxiety, you might think it is better for sleep or pain relief. As such what’s the best cbd dosage for social anxiety or whicher ailment or personal issue you have is also very dependent on how you feel and react to the CBD.

When it comes to CBD oil in the UK, there are many brands to pick from. It feels like every brand has their own tincture, but I have personally found that the brand Paso has the best CBD oil drops for my anxiety. Trust me, I have tried a few and they really help to calm me. They are broad spectrum meaning they have other minor cannabinoids present which further enhances the effects of the CBD, which makes sense as we now know that the CBD helps phytocannabinoids bind with our receptors.

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