According to research, 40% of men experience erectile dysfunction at 40, while 70% of men undergo erection issues in their 70s. Several studies on erectile dysfunction have revealed the catastrophic impact of sexual dysfunction on confidence and trust in relationships. As a result, more and more people are coming out to find appropriate solutions to counter erection issues.

The most popular option for people experiencing ED has been the use of generic drugs. Medications are usually an inexpensive, accessible, and relatively safe option. The soaring popularity of drugs like Viagra 200mg tablets is a testimony to the same.

Erectile Dysfunction And Its Various Causes

Erectile dysfunction is the loss of erection or the difficulty of attaining and sustaining an erection for penetrative sex. Almost everyone experiences erection issues at least once in their lifetime. The problem takes a serious turn when it becomes a routine in one’s sex life.

Erection issues can be triggered by a multitude of factors ranging from physical to psychological factors. Finding the right method to cure ED requires a thorough analysis of the factor contributing to ED.

1.   Physical Factors

Physical factors like a decrease in testosterone levels are bound to lead to erectile dysfunction. Testosterone levels reduce as one tends to age. It can be cured by using drugs like Cialis. Cialis contains Tadalafil, which expands the blood vessels facilitating smooth blood flow to the penile region.

2.   Psychological Factors

Problems in a relationship and excessive stress can also contribute to erection issues. Such factors impede the mind-body connection that is essential to attain a strong erection.

3.   Medical Factors

Certain medical conditions make a person much more prone to experience erection issues. For example, heart diseases can affect the ability of the heart to pump blood. Such diseases constrain the blood flow to the penile region. Similarly, diabetes and obesity can also cause ED in men at a much early phase.

Drugs like Levitra 40mg tablets have been a popular option for people for a decade. Levitra is approved by FDA and is sold in many countries, thus making it a safe choice amongst men. Such drugs take less than 1 hour to show their effect and last for more than 4-5 hours.


Sometimes, a certain drug might not work as effectively as it promised. You can take several steps and alternatives in such a situation. But, before moving forward, make sure that a medical practitioner has prescribed the drug. You can purchase certain generic drugs like Fildena 100mg Purple pill without a prescription, but it is advisable to seek professional help before switching to an ED drug.

Alternatives When A Drug Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, the most successful drugs fail to provide the requisite benefit owing to improper adherence to the right steps. Drugs like Levitra contain Vardenafil that can help you attain a stiff erection for hours without excessive stimulation.

●     Identify The Reason

If the reason for giving up on the drug are side effects, you might need to reconsider your decision to switch to an alternative. The mild side effects are a norm when switching to an ED drug. Give the drug appropriate time to show the impact.


Viagra contains Sildenafil citrate that has shown tremendous benefits on a large section of males experiencing ED. Wait for a reasonable time to decide if the side effects from a generic medication are too grave.

●     Dosage

Medications like Cialis contain Tadalafil, and a single tablet is more than sufficient to charge you up in bed. Drug dosage requires regulation only when there is an underlying medical condition that is too under expert supervision. Too many tablets could be the possible reason for the drug showing no effect at all.

●     Time Of Consumption

Generic drugs like Fildena 100mg Purple pill are supposed to be taken one hour before engaging in sexual intercourse with your partner. Although their effects last for more than 5 hours, consuming those 3 hours before sex will show no effects at all.

Switch To Another Drug

While Viagra 200mg tablets are strong enough to cause an erection, you might need to switch to an alternative. Generic medications are all over the place, with some medicines like Cialis 60mg showing effects for more than 30 hours.

If a specific drug resulted in severe side effects, switch to a drug like Levitra 40mg tablets. Make sure to seek a professional recommendation as the doctor will suggest a medication based on your health history.

Switch To Alternative Methods

If ED is due to physical or psychological reasons, drugs might not work for you in the long run. Cialis contains Tadalafil, which might give you the requisite erection, but it is vital to fix the problem’s root cause for long-term gains.

1.    Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps can help gain an instant erection. Vacuum pumps are expensive but an excellent option for people experiencing ED because of physical reasons.

2.    Sex Therapy

If distrust and miscommunication have become the norm in a relationship, switching to sex therapy can help couples find a middle ground.

3.    Stress Management Techniques

The internet is crowded with videos that help people to manage stress for a healthy relationship effectively. Such therapies can cost a lot, but they are worth each penny.

Although drugs like Viagra 200mg have been loved worldwide, one shouldn’t resort to them merely because of the online reviews. Seek proper help from an expert and switch to the best option out of the lot.

Bottom Line

Every drug has its pros and cons. Certain ED drugs lead to effects that go beyond the usual cure for ED. Such drugs can help you last longer and astonish your partner with a spectacular performance. The perfect approach requires seeking help from a professional, weighing available options, and experimenting with various options to find the best one of the lot.

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