Erectile dysfunction, a condition in which sufficient erection cannot be obtained during sexual intercourse, or sufficient erection cannot be maintained, resulting in unsatisfactory sexual intercourse. In addition to the name “ED,” “sexual intercourse disorder,” and “erectile dysfunction,” It is also called “impotence.”

In the initial place, an erection occurs when the sexual desire center of the brain reacts to a physical stimulus such as sexual stimulation or touching the genitals, exciting the erection center and causing the penis to become engorged. Some men are light-hearted about sexual desire, but unlike that, they can’t get an erection despite having sexual desire.

Recently, it is said to account for 3% of the causes of male infertility.

The penis does not respond to sexual or physical stimuli and does not become stiff, or it does not persist even if it erects.

ED check

A checklist based on the International Erectile Dysfunction is an increasing method of self-checking for ED.

Cause of ED

The number of people with erectile dysfunction is 8.7 million with moderate ED (sometimes enough to get and maintain an erection for sexual intercourse) and complete ED (every time). It is said that there are 2.6 million people (not enough erections for sexual intercourse and cannot maintain), totaling about 11.3 million people. There are physical and mental causes. Physical things include troubles such as nerves, blood, and hormones necessary for an erection and diabetes, liver disease, and age-related functional deterioration.

In the spiritual one, stress is much involved.

In particular, mental pressures such as past sexual experiences, stress, loss of self-confidence, and a sense of duty seem to hinder erections.

It can also be caused by worries about work or relationships. In addition, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs can also cause erection disorders.

There are three types of causes of ED: organic (temperament), psychogenic (shininess), and a mixture of the two.

Is Diabetes The Main Cause Of Organic Erectile Disorders?

The arteries involved in an erection may become clogged, making it impossible to secure sufficient blood flow, or diabetes may trigger an erection that worsens. If left untreated, it may not become stiff at all.

Also, erection disorders occur when the blood flow in the penis is blocked by arteriosclerosis.

According to the international erectile dysfunction score, which is the score for judging ED, it is reported to be 71-86%.

People with diabetes are two to four times more likely to have an erection disorder than those who do not.

Obesity is also a cause of ED.

A US study found that the risk of ED increases as BMI (body mass index = an index of obesity in a person calculated from weight and height) increases.

A US study also found that increasing “exercise intensity” reduced the risk of erectile disorders.

In particular, running for more than two and a half hours a week reduced the relative risk of ED by as much as 30% compared to the control group.

There are differences in the original living environment between the United States, but there is no doubt that moderate exercise is effective in preventing and improving erectile disorders.

However, there are also “exercises that are not good for erections.” It’s a bicycle. The longer you ride a bicycle, the higher your risk of erection disorders.


Studies have advised that smokers have a higher incidence of erectile disorders than nonsmokers. According to a Massachusetts male aging study in the United States, smokers developed moderate to complete ED, twice as much as nonsmokers.

Studies have also shown that smoking cessation in heavy smoker ED patients for a month resulted in a rapid and significant improvement in Venetian swelling and hardness.

Ovulation day ED

It doesn’t always mean that if you get excited, you will get an erection. The sympathetic nerve, which becomes dominant when awake, and the parasympathetic nerve, which is relaxed, do not erect unless the parasympathetic nerve is dominant. That is when it is peaceful.

The proof is that when you’re under tension, such as at work, you don’t get an erection so quickly.

Similarly, when pressure is felt, such as “this day is the day of ovulation,” tension continues, and erectile dysfunction (ED) increases.

For those who think of “timing ED (only wife ED),” we recommend energy-up supplements as “a talisman in case of emergency.”

Examination/Diagnosis of Erectile Disorders

You can diagnose yourself, but we will investigate the cause by conducting interviews, psychological tests, endocrine tests, physiological erectile function tests, nervous systems, and vascular system tests.

Treatment of Erectile Disorders

If the cause is an illness, the treatment of the disease is the first step. The specialty of erectile disorders is urology, but depending on the disease, treatment is carried out in collaboration with internal medicine and neurology. If the cause is mental, it must be removed, but treatment is difficult.

In particular, the confusion, rush, and humiliation of not getting an erection are mixed, which causes further stress and worsens the condition. Get professional counseling if needed.

Erectile dysfunction treatment is to use medications such as Vilitra 40 and Cenforce 150 to help with the erection. Being able to get an erection with the help of medicine often gives you confidence and improves your symptoms. It is important not to worry alone but to consult with a specialist and work positively on treatment. The Treatment of erectile dysfunction is of utmost male importance.

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