Vape is short for a vaporizer, a smoke-simulating handheld device. They don’t consume tobacco but liquid in various flavours. They consist of metal and glass cartridge, which must be packed correctly in order to keep it safe from any damage. It is important to identify the brand in the market that only successful and persuasive packaging can achieve.

Vape Packaging Customization and Printing

Printing Circle offers customers unique shape, size and design modification choices.

Manufacturing Material

Product packaging materials in various ways impact consistent quality and the environment. Cardboard is the only durable packaging material that fulfills all packaging requirements such as safety and package quality. We give our customers full flexibility over the choice of materials in terms of thickness, strength and paperboard class that nicely meet the specifications of the product category as fragile items require heavy and durable boxes plus paper board grades that vary in the paper content. Printing and packing quality is directed to the quality of material used for the vape box or vape cartridge packaging.

Types & dimensions of various custom designs

There is no denying that people like to see something different and cool.
The easiest way to distinguish and raise the demand for your product on the market was always to pick types that create consumers curiosity. Boxes Maker delivers the finest packing services for various types, for example, flip-open boxes, hexagonal, circular, rectangular boxes, insert boxes etc.

Printing & Packaging Premium Quality

The consistency of a product does not rely on one item alone, such as quality or pleasing shape. It’s an art of mixing multiple sources to create an impressive style. Our printing experts know the most about their work. We use the most modern technologies for printing, for example, inkjet printing, laser and screen printing, meaning that the colour becomes denser, smoother or more bursting. Clear, visible graphics, videos and images are created to make the company more respectable and deserving.

You don’t know how a few small changes to your carton boxes can make it as valuable and glamorous as any other costly boxes available on the market. Lamination is a gloss and matte plastic cover, which gives the boxes a smooth look. Embossing is an art of elevated metal patterns or text to emphasise substantial details such as the brand logo and name. Foiling is a golden, silver or copper hot metallic stamping process. It manufactures elegant and stylish vape cartridge packaging.

Further facilities

In addition, we provide extra benefits to ensure 100 % customer loyalty in order to provide our consumers with an unparalleled experience.

  1. Support free design
  2. Free delivery
  3. Free mockups
  4. Time for quick turnaround
  5. We are available 24/7 to help consumers meet all requirements for personalised steam cartridge boxes and packaging related needs.

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