Types of vaporizers available in the market

If you visit an online store for the local Cannabis supply chain, they will show you numerous options in small and big sizes. Without knowing their internal mechanism, it is not possible to figure out which is the best vaporizer. On the basis of internal mechanism, we can classify vaporizer devices into two categories i.e.

  • Convection
  • Conduction

Conduction vaporizers are meant for atomizing the inner content from a heating element fixed on their chamber’s bottom. The heating element increases the temperature inside the chamber which results in production of vapour clouds containing cannabinoids without smoke.

Convection vaporizer on the other hand increases the temperature of the chamber from all sides instead of bottom. This type of vaporizer comes in a larger size as compared to conduction vaporizer but known for producing the finest quality vapour clouds. There is a risk of burning some of the content inside the chamber of conduction vaporizer. On the other hand, convection vaporizer utilizes the maximum possible cannabinoids from liquid concentrate.

Classifying vaporizers on the basis of their size

When it comes to choosing the most portable vaporizer, we recommend going with the option of disposable vape pens for sale. It looks like a typical pen that you can carry in the front pocket of your shirt. Just push the button and allow it for a few seconds to heat up the element. You will instantly get thick vapour clouds of CBD for consumption.

disposable vape pens

Disposable vaporizers go useless once they are empty. Therefore, we recommend buying a reusable device. From a vape shop, you will easily find reusable vaping devices in various sizes and shapes. The largest vaporizer available in the market requires adequate space and direct electrical connection to work. Despite its large size, experts prefer it because of the capability of producing the finest quality vapour clouds.

Significance of vaporisers in CBD consumption

Initially, vaporizer devices were introduced in the market as alternatives to smoking. In the CBD industry, they have a better scope because of the following reasons:-

  • Instant CBD impact

If you want instant CBD benefits, smoking and vaporizing are the two major options to choose from. Edibles on the other hand require around 30 minutes to metabolize and then stimulate our endocannabinoid cannabinoids system. When we inhale vapours, they directly circulate throughout our body from neurological to the immune system with the bloodstream. Consequently, we get an instant CBD impact which can be relaxing or refreshing depending on the strain.

  • Safe to consume

When it comes to health concerns, we recommend vaporizer over smokables. Thick vapour clouds contain no trace of smoke that damages our throat and lungs.

  • Multiple flavour options

Dispensary offering CBD products for sale will have vaporizer concentrates in various flavours. Choose your favourite flavour like chocolate, strawberry, mango or lemon.

  • Choice to choose cannabinoids

You are free to choose cannabinoids from the category of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum in vaporizer concentrates. Physicians expert in prescribing cannabinoids for health purposes recommend cannabinoids mostly from these two categories.

While choosing a vaporizer device, make sure that it belongs to a renowned brand. Inferior copies of vaping devices remain prone to a battery explosion and short backup. Also, they can burn your CBD content inside the heating chamber instead of utilising its all vapors.

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