Cenforce is Viagra generic medicine recommended by doctor to males with erectile dysfunction. This medicine also has sildenafil citrate, as an active ingredient.

Cenforce is a bit different from other erectile dysfunction medicines. It is completed dissolved in water before use. It is preferred by males who do not like to swallow a pill. Since it is used in water directly, it starts action faster than other ED medicines. Cenforce 200mg is the highest dose for severe cases of erectile dysfunction.

What makes Cenforce a different from other ED medicines?

Cenforce is dissolved in water which makes it act fast. The pill is not swallowed with water like other medicines of the same group. Take it at least 30-40 minutes before sex. You will retain the ability to get an erection for next 5 hours.

Cenforce is not a regular dose for erectile dysfunction. You only take it when you need an erection before sex. Just make sure for a higher dose you get medical guidance. Normally higher doses are not recommended to every male with erectile dysfunction. Doctor has to confirm that you need a higher dose. Or when you do not get treatment from lower doses, the doctor suggests a higher dose.

Get maximum benefits from Cenforce by sticking with doctor suggestion

First step is consulting a doctor to know whether the highest Cenforce dose is suitable for you. Your erectile dysfunction difficulty decides the selection of the highest dose. Second is avoiding any other ED medicine even with same ingredient like Viagra 200mg pills with the Cenforce to avoid medical reaction.

The safe step showing all your medical records and medicines you are on. There are several medicines which react with cenforce. The reaction can cause severe drop in blood pressure or enhance the side effects.

Online platforms offer doorstep delivery

The best option is order and buying from a reputed online platform. An Online platform cannot sell without FDA approval and necessary medical clearance on all products it displays.Each dose of cenforce is displayed with detailed information on ingredients. Along with higher doses, you can also order lower or medium doses like Cialis 60 mg.

Pay through secure payment channels for free shipping

Reputed online platform is ensuring secure payment option using credit card or payment through PayPal.  You can choose either option depending on your convenience and flexibility.You only pay the cost of the medicine; the transport cost is not added to your bill.

Your credit card details are deleted automatically

When you enter credit card details like number, expiry date or CVV number, for transaction purposes, these details are deleted after one transaction. Our system does not save theses number or details. According to rule followed by all online site and financial companies in the world for online transactions, the details are for one payment only. No part of the detail or information is saved by an online site. So, you can safely and confidently make transaction for buying Cenforce online.

Adherence to data protection law

Data protection laws are strictly enforced by online transactions. any data that you will share , such as your name , postal address or other details to facilitate smooth and fast delivery , is protected under the personal data laws .No part of the data or any information you share with the online site for delivery purposes, will be shared with anyone. The information and data is strictly for our delivery and nothing else.

Online buying ensure privacy

You do not need face to face meeting with a doctor to get diagnosed for erectile dysfunction. The online site has a medical expert with deep experience in erectile dysfunction in males. Simple message and fill up of a questionnaire is enough to come to the right conclusion about your treatment method.

If you are using lower doses of cenforce without any success, then you can directly buy a higher dose. But without first testing the efficacy of lower doses in your cases, never go directly for the highest dose. The online doctor will ask you simple question through messages to understand whether you really need the highest dose Sildenafil Citrate200mg. Dose is delivered for doorstep delivery in international quality packaging to protect it from moisture, dirt and dust.

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