To understand the function of amlodipine in erectile d dysfunction we have to know the role of the medicine and the process behind erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction happens when blood flow towards the sexual organ is inadequate. Any underlying condition that reduces the blood flow towards the penis causes erectile dysfunction. Lifestyle issues such as obesity, diabetes and blood pressure also lead to erectile dysfunction. Blood pressure in particular is one of the major causes behind erectile issue.  A male with blood pressure issue is likely to get erectile dysfunction in life sooner or later.Amlodipine is one of the drugs that are used to treat high blood pressure cases. It relaxes the blood vessels and promotes the flow of blood in the body.

Amlodipine can help a male with erectile dysfunction

This drug is used with other drugs in high blood pressure cases. It reduces the high blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels. The relaxed blood vessel encourages good flow of blood in the body, thus relieving from high blood pressure. The same relaxation of blood vessels is achieved by using erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra 150mg. however; the only difference is that erectile dysfunction drugs promote flow of blood towards the sexual organ, while amlodipine encourages flow of blood through the body. Thus, there is difference in role of these medicines, but if high blood pressure is only reason behind your erectile dysfunction, you can get relief from amlodipine only.

High blood pressure is one of the causes behind erectile dysfunction in mid aged males. It has been medical proved that a man with high blood pressure problem is twice as likely to get erectile dysfunction.

Constant blood pressure without treatment causes damage to blood vessels and nerve system. The damaged blood vessels cannot support the flow of blood towards the penis. The nerve system cannot respond to the trigger from the brain to stimulate the release of nitrate oxide for smooth blood flow. It is necessary to cure high blood pressure to prevent damage to health and sexual life.

Amlodipine cures blood pressure to cure erectile dysfunction

The medicine can be prescribed with other medicines to cure blood pressure. High blood pressure is threat to heart, kidney and can cause stroke. This drug belongs to a class of drugs known as calcium channels blockers.

Amlodipine relaxes blood vessels to ensure smooth flow of blood. It also cures chest pain, or lowers the chances of heart diseases by reducing high blood pressure. It is possible that a man whose erectile dysfunction is only due to high blood pressure can get erection back once the high blood pressure issue is gone.

Precaution in use of amlodipine

The medicine lowers the blood pressure by relaxing blood pressure. Relaxed blood vessels reduce an impediment to blood flow. However, this medicine reacts with other medicines, especiallyerectile dysfunction medicines. Never use any erectile dysfunction Levitra 40mg with amlodipine, as the combined action is surely going to cause low blood pressure. Since action of both medicines is to promote smooth flow of blood by relaxing blood vessels, it can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Get medical help in case of continuation of erectile issue

There are other causes behind erectile dysfunction. In case of high blood pressure alone, you can get relief from amlodipine pills. But when there are other issues involved such as medical ailment, cholesterol formation in blood vessels, or arthritis, you need medical help. The medical help will lead to the best medicine for erectile issue.

When you are using any other erectile dysfunction drug like Cialis 60 mg, you cannot use amlodipine with it. If high blood pressure is not one of the basic causes behind erectile dysfunction in your case, you need to just stick to ED drugs.

Yes amlodipine can help you in ED

You can use fildena 100mg a generic medicine for erectile dysfunction. But if your problem is only high blood pressure, not erectile dysfunction, then use amlodipine only. Relaxation in high blood pressure will automatically cure erection issue. But never combine the use of two medicines. The side effects will intensify. Youwill never achieve aim of lowering high blood pressure, or cure of erectile dysfunction

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