Vaping has now become a very common habit for people of all ages. Belonging from all regions around the world. Vaping is indeed considered a safer option from many combustion-based ideas of inhaling stuff, for example, smoking cigarettes. In vaping, whatever the substance does not burn, instead vaporizers tend to convert whatever e-juice or liquid. They contain into vapors and that is how they tend to provide your lungs with the nicotine you need. It is comparatively way safer as compared to cigarettes or any other option of consuming nicotine.

However, what vaporizers to use for what purpose always becomes an issue for starters. And that is where the vape packaging should come in handy to be introducing. What and how those vaporizers should be used and for what purposes. For example, if you want a regular nicotine intake, you can go for any vaporizer accompanying a well-flavored e-juice. But if you want to use vape for inhaling cannabis or weed, you need special kinds of vaporizers for that. And these vaporizers need to have the perfect cartridge packaging so that they look as they deserve to do when they arrive at their consumers.

Vaping is revolutionizing as a fashionable habit in the new generation these days. There are more youngsters’ vaping than adults and these also count teenagers as being the rebellious vaping lot which is actually a concern.

Colorful Printings on the Vape Box:

Although this technique is used for sorts of packaging purposes in the field or consumer products. When it comes to vape, the target audience that you might have maybe the one loving those creepy monster pictures. On the top of the box or they might be the one who would go for a simple black box with cannabis leaves printed on it. Such ideas make the vape packing or the vape cartridge packaging look even more relatable to your customers’ high which ends up in increasing your market. There are people who even go for simple vacation vibe boxes so for them. You need to come up with some custom vape cartridge box packaging that appeals to them and make them think about those French holidays that they even might never have in their lives.

Sliding Boxes:

These are one of the most famous and elegant designs of packaging that is mostly done with elite looking products and the truth is, that vape is one of the elite products that are to be used by people to release their stress by inhaling nicotine products or partying by inhaling THC products. These boxes are made up of two parallel layers that slide each other. These boxes are mostly made up of cardboard and are very elegant and good looking boxes. These are the kind of boxes anyone would want to gift things like pens, watches, or even vapes. If you are a new dealer, you need to take this design in the account for your new vape cartridge box packaging ideas.

Gift Box:

Since the idea of vaping is becoming more and more common due to its health benefits over smoking, you can design vape cartridge-boxes into some good looking gift boxes that contain more than just a vaporizer that would apparently please people and help them come to your doorstep for an easy vape gift that they would want to gift to someone who is a smoker or a nicotine user. Vape gift boxes may contain refills or different flavor e juices and a couple of new batteries along with some beautiful packaging that makes it look like a gift and doesn’t give a barren vibe.

Triangular Package:

These packages are mostly made up of cardboard and are thin and elegant looking especially when there is some serious classy branding going on top of it. It is a slim triangular box that contains mostly a pen vaporizer that has to have no refills or anything along with it, maybe just a small USB cable if it could make room for it somehow. These vaporizers are very trendy and so it this vape cartridge packaging. These are mostly designed to keep the idea of cannabis consuming not such a difficult process. We can even put dry herb vaporizers that are able to use direct weed or tobacco for vaping. These boxes are becoming more and more common and are also very portable.

Hexagon Shaped With a Window Encasement:

This is one of the most brilliant ideas you can actually come across. This box is generally made up of cardboard and can be recycled as something else too afterward, but as for vapes, this package is the most beautiful design I could come across because it has a whole elite vibe with a window on it that gives a product sneak peek and helps you market your vapes more easily because of its comparatively large size which can be used to label out your brand on it and put some great custom cannabis printings on it as your package design.

A Flip Top Pack:

Remember Marlboro? That cigarette box has its own memories and brings a sense of nostalgia, doesn’t it? That is what was called a flip-top box of cigarettes. Those were the most famous of cigarettes and probably still are in many parts of the world. If you use that style of packaging for your disposable pen vapes or for your thin refills. You might as well be using a brilliant marketing strategy to bring back the memories. What people used to smoke and love and now they what they vape and love. This might even bring some new customers in line who are current smokers and are very happy with their habit. This might make them want to try what you just served them and make them change their whole habit.

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