Tribulus Terrestris

Who doesn’t know Tribulus Terrestris, one of the necessary ingredients of almost every pill and over-the-counter nutritional supplement to support erections and improve potency? This plant was already known in ancient Mesopotamia, India, and China, and all folk healers already knew at that time that it was a considerable force. I must say that this is even true literally because the plant is used in cases where it is necessary to “energize” the energy in the body.

Today, Tribulus Terrestris is part of products and products to support male potency, physical activity, and masculinity in general. If you want your partner to be replaced, be sure to choose one of the freely available products containing extracts and extracts of this plant – it’s up to you whether it is a classic nutritional supplement to support potency or stimulants for athletes and men exposed to excessive physical activity: effort and activity.

For example, the ground anchor has the following effects:

  • increase in testosterone levels, in some men even by a third, which means visible support of potency and libido
  • increase in physical performance, even during a live act
  • support of sperm production
  • increase in muscle mass, especially in athletes focused on fitness exercises


Do you know Yohimbe? Isn’t it? This African conifer (yes, a little oxymoron, right?) It’s perfect for men to improve potency. As with many other trees, its bark, which contains the important substance yohimbine, is used in the products. It is an alkaloid that is part of several nutritional supplements and over-the-counter erection tablets but be careful with its possible regular use.

The advantage is that the substance is added not only to tablets intended for erectile dysfunction, for example, but it is also an excellent aphrodisiac that promotes the desire for love, especially in men. So if you are a woman and want to encourage your partner somehow, you can try products with this active ingredient from the Yohimbe tree.

As I said, Yohimbe:

  • is used to support erections
  • if you want to have a firmer erection for a longer time
  • if you have low libido
  • if you need to increase your physical activity and stimulate a particular desire for love

Pinus Pinaster

The Slovak name for this “plant” is Sea Pine, which, as you can see, means that it is a tree. It is very often found in the southern and western parts of the Mediterranean and in South Africa, and what is used for medicinal purposes is its bark. The extractor extract from it is part of several nutritional supplements and tablets intended for erectile dysfunction. However, such an effect cannot be expected, as in the case of chemically prepared drugs.

The excellent news is that the bark of a tree helps not only one physical problem but also a whole group of the issues, from a lack of physical desire to problems with maintaining a firm and lasting erection in men. Sea pine products are intended more for men, which does not mean that some positive effects could not benefit women.

Pinus pinaster helps with:

  • problems with achieving an erection and this condition is technically called erectile dysfunction
  • increase potency or you can use Fildena 100
  • improving physical intercourse and the experience of it
  • increase in intimate appetite extraordinary in men

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is a technical name for a classic thistle. I bet what you want most of you will never be credited with any positive effects – and that’s a mistake. Usually, this plant does not occur in the wild, but it can be bought in a pharmacy, where its leaves or fruits are for sale. Interestingly, milk thistle already existed in ancient Rome, and its natural environment is the Mediterranean.

Milk thistle has a special position among medicinal herbs because it helps to detoxify the organism entirely. You can buy special tablets or capsules, or even tincture and oil, depending on what problem you need herbs for. The plant is suitable for both men and women and helps with more physical issues. Crushed seeds are beneficial.

Milk thistle is recommended to be used:

  • in case of infertility problems
  • if a man has the recurrent prostate disease
  • if a woman has a problematic menstruation
  • if you need to cleanse the liver and the whole body of harmful substances

Yin Yang Huo

This herb’s name is Chinese, but it is sometimes called Horny Goat, which can be translated as a horny cap. The herb is smaller, but this directly contrasts with what affects you can expect from it. This herb contains a compound called icarin, which has very similar effects to sildenafil, which is the primary driver of the success of the well-known Viagra – sometimes called ‘Chinese Viagra.’

In cinnamon, as this herb is called in our country, Ikarii has a smaller amount as the active ingredient in an artificially prepared tablet. However, the effect is still quite visible with longer-term use of the herb. The most commonly sold herb is pour-on, which is poured into boiling water and left to macerate. It can also be bought as an herbal tea with crushed leaves.

Horny Goat, therefore, helps in:

  • Prolongation of a firmer erection
  • for blood flow to the genitals
  • substitution of some testosterone tasks
  • increase the desire for love – it is a powerful aphrodisiac

Chili paprika

Surely you know cayenne pepper and chili spices. In order for this spice to be produced, the chili pepper must first grow, from which the spice is made. This pepper is one of the fruits of a smaller shrub that grows in tropical and subtropical zones, especially in the geographical locations of India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, and Africa in general. A different type of chilly is grown in each of these areas, but it is basically the same plant with the same fruits.

This plant contains capsaicin, which is a substance that gives the fruit its characteristic burning and is also considered an extremely aphrodisiac or try Fildena 150 or vigora– it has very positive and beneficial effects on improving the activity of the vascular system and irritates the genitals, thus improving its stimulation.

Chilly can be used if:

  • you feel a lack of physical appetite
  • you have libido problems
  • you want to improve immunity
  • you want to improve digestion – in this case, but only in a reasonable amount to avoid irritation of the gastric mucosa.

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